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Twisted Limb Bowfishing Charters


Join Twisted Limb Bowfishing Charters for an exciting night of bowfishing on Lake Kissimmee! This sport is great for all ages from 5 years old to 85 years old for both boys and girls. No experience is necessary with a bow as they will teach you on the charter. Captains and brothers, Travis Lanphar & Shanon Lanphar, grew up in Central Florida and have spent the last 30 + years fishing the lakes, canals, and inshore flats of Central and South Florida. They are avid bow hunters and archery enthusiasts. Join them for an exciting night fishing adventures on your trip to Camp Mack.


Twisted Limbs Charters will pick you up for your freshwater bowfishing trips at the Camp Mack marina. Charters are $500.00 for four people for 4 hours of shooting. Maximum charter is up to six people for an extra $50.00 per person. They will supply all of the bowfishing equipment, however if you have your own bowfishing bow or gig you are welcome to bring it. They do not offer fish cleaning service. If you would like to keep the fish you shoot please bring your own cooler. All trips will require a $100.00 deposit to book your date. Deposits will be refunded due to weather or 10-day notice of cancellation only. Balance will be due at the end of the trip. Everyone will be required to sign a liability release form before boarding the boat. Minors will need to have a parent or legal guarding sign for them.

In freshwater they target invasive species such as Tilapia, Sailfin Catfish, Brown Hoplo, and Mayan Cichlid, and native Florida Gar, Longnose Gar, Bowfin, Pickerel, Lake Chubsucker, and Catfish.


Twisted Limbs uses AMS Hooligan & Juice bowfishing bows setup with AMS TNT Retrievers and Innerloc arrows and points. These bows can be used by most shooters and are simple for both beginners and veteran bowfishers.


Twisted Limbs uses two 2019 Alweld 2270 center console boats with 20 – 100 watt ArrowLED lights. These boats are 22′ in length which offers a very stable and comfortable fishing platform. With this setup, we are able to reach shallow water and still provide plenty of room to move around the boat when the action starts to heat up.

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