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Bonfire Bass Tournament Series

Embracing best-practices has never been more important in helping protect the health of the Kissimmee Chain fishery for today’s anglers and the generations to come, and ensuring the reputation and respect by recreational anglers of both Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts and Camp Mack, a Guy Harvey Lodge, Marina & RV Resort.

The Bonfire Bass Tournament Series (the “BBT Series”) is a 100% payout four-event bass fishing tournament series open to all anglers over the age of 16. The 2021 BBT Series will include three one-day tournaments (“Qualifiers or Qualifier Tournaments”): the Lunker Luvin’ Smackdown, (February 20, 2020), the Blazing Bass Challenge (May 15, 2020) and the Tickled Pink Playoff (October 3, 2020). The series concludes with the Bonfire Shootout (the “Shootout”), a two-day tournament (November 20-21, 2020).

Participating anglers who are enrolled full time at a community college, college or university are also eligible to participate in the “Collegiate Division” for no extra registration fee or cost. At the conclusion of the BTT Series, the Collegiate Division Team having the greatest accumulated team weight shall be awarded the BTT School of the Year Perpetual Trophy on behalf of their educational institution. The trophy shall remain on display at the Property, acknowledging the winning team participants and school represented.

The BBT Series is an Angler House Club tournament, organized and presented by the staffs of both Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts and Camp Mack, a Guy Harvey Lodge, Marina & RV Resort (the “Property” or “Camp Mack”) for the benefit of its club members. Each tournament event will identify and support a local charity or conservation organization.

Membership in the Angler House Club (“Angler House”) is open to all, offering various membership benefits to its members for an annual non-refundable charge of Fifty Dollars ($50.00).

The following tournament fishing regulations are established to govern all fishing tournaments hosted by Camp Mack, a Guy Harvey Lodge, Marina & RV Resort.



Teams. The BBT Series is a team tournament; fishing alone is not permitted. Teams include two individual anglers (collectively a “Team” and individually a “Participant”). No Team is qualified to fish a Tournament without two registered Participants. A Team may substitute (1) Participant (an “Alternate”) for any Qualifier. An Alternate must have fished at least (1) Qualifier with the Team to be eligible to fish the Shootout with a Team.


Tournament Eligibility.


Open Division. The BBT Series is open to any angler 16 years of age or older who holds a current membership in the Angler House Club at Camp Mack. The TD reserves the right to cause any Participant to verify his/her age.


College Division. Participation in the College Division is open to students who are enrolled full-time based in an accredited community college, college or university as well as being members in good standing of that institutions’ recognized fishing club. All College Division participants will be required to show a current student ID and a state issued photo ID at registration. All contestants must be able to provide a complete transcript upon request to prove their eligibility to compete in this event to show they are enrolled full time as of the Tournament date.


Shootout. A Team must fish two of the three Qualifiers to qualify for the Shootout.


Ineligible Parties. Any candidate for competition who, in the judgment of the TD, is (i) disabled in such a manner as to unfairly hinder their Team partner or endanger the safety and well-being of their Team partner or themselves shall not be eligible (ii) is an employee, officer or director of Guy Harvey Inc., Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts or Camp Mack including members of their immediate families (spouse, parents, children and siblings, regardless of where they live) are ineligible and (ii) is not a member of the Angler House Club at Camp Mack.


Registration. For each BBT Series Tournament, a completed registration form must be submitted to the TD or Camp Mack, deemed accepted by TFF only upon full payment of the Tournament Entry Cost, the deadline dates for which is in accordance with Section 1.05.1 below.


Incorporation of Tournament Regulations. The BBT Series will adhere to tournament practices and regulations established by Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts and Camp Mack (the “Property”) as provided herein (the “Tournament Regulations”). By their registration in any BBT Series Tournament, Teams and Participants agree to comply with the Tournament Regulations, and with all Federal, State and local laws. Subject to the Tournament Regulations, all decisions of the Tournament Director, including disqualification or expulsion of a Team or Participant from the BBT Series or any of its Tournaments are final and binding on Teams and Participants without appeal.



General. Winners of each Qualifier and the Shootout will be determined by the heaviest accumulated weight per team.


Captain Meeting. Each Qualifier and the Shootout will have a mandatory meeting at 6pm on the day preceding the first competitive day of fishing. At least one Participant of a duly registered Team must attend and have its attendance acknowledged by Tournament staff and failure to do so will result in the Team’s disqualification from the Tournament.




Qualifier Tournament Payout. Eighty-percent (80%) of registration fees collected for that Qualifier Tournament, with the remaining twenty-percent (20%) of registration fees reserved for payout at the Shootout Tournament. There is no guaranteed minimum payout.


Shootout Tournament Payout. One-hundred percent (100%) of Shootout registration fees plus the total of fees reserved from Qualifier Tournaments. There is no guaranteed minimum payout.


IRS Reporting. Prior to payment of any winnings, a Participant will be required to fill out a W-9 form.


Prizes. Prizes other than money may be awarded from time to time at the discretion of the TBB Series organizer. A winning Participant’s failure to accept any such prize in person results in forfeiture of the prize and at the sole discretion of the TBB Series organize, award of the prize to other Participants.


The Shootout. The Shootout will be limited to those fifty (50) qualifying Participants having the greatest number of Points accumulated from the Qualifier Tournaments. The first-place Team winner of a Qualifier Tournament shall be awarded 200 points, with each following place reduced by one point (i.e. 199 points to second place, 198 to third place etc.). Team point standings will determine order of launch at the Shootout.


Big Fish. A side pot for the single largest bass caught in any Qualifying Tournament is optional for all Participants, to be elected on the Registration form with additional payment made at that time. A dead fish is not qualified to win the Big Fish award.


Fishing Boundaries. Kissimmee Chain of Lakes. For a map of the fishing boundaries, as included at the conclusion of these Tournament regulations. Only those waters open to ALL public fishing will be considered tournament waters. All angling must be done from the boat. No fishing is permitted within 50 yards of an anchored boat, including by pole, with its trolling motor in the stored position.


Tackle. At any time, only one rod with no more than one lure is allowed for fishing. Additional rods or baits in the water while fishing are prohibited. Other rods ready for use are allowed in a boat but every cast and retrieve must be completed before another cast is made. Only artificial lures are permitted. Liquid fish attractants are allowed. No underwater cameras are allowed during competition. Nets may not have a handle in excess of eight (8) feet in length. All “sight” or “bedding” fish, defined as a fish that can be seen and watched as it approaches a lure, must be caught such that the hook point protrudes from inside the mouth. There is no trolling or dragging of lures, and the use of multi-lure rigs or snagging of fish is prohibited. The TD reserves the right at any time to board a Team boat to inspect a Team’s tackle and the condition of fish within the Live Well.


Tournament Hours: Safe light until 3:00pm., subject to adjustment at any time at the discretion of the TD. Each Participant will be assigned a boat number and chip which must be put on the tournament board prior to check in time.


Late Penalty. Participants will be deducted 1 lb. for each minute late arrival to check-in, and automatically disqualified after 15 minutes.


Emergency or Break down: in event of an emergency or break down, a Team shall contact the TD to request assistance, and failing the ability to contact the TD, contact any another Team to request assistance. If assistance includes requiring Participants and their fish to be transferred to the boat offering assistance (the “Rescue Boat”), Participants must identify their fish with some sort of marker or separation system before boarding the Rescue Boat. Fishing from a Rescue Boat by any rescued Team is not permitted.


Polygraphs. At its sole discretion, the TD has the right to require any Participant to take a polygraph test, the cost of which shall be the responsibility of the Tournament. Refusal to take or failure to pass the test WILL result in Tournament disqualification.


Enforcement. Enforcement of Tournament Regulations is the responsibility of the Tournament Director (the “TD”). The TD will have the right and sole discretion to interpret all Tournament Regulations and be responsible for the enforcement and compliance of the Tournament Regulations by all anglers participating in the BBT Series and any individual BBT Tournament (a “Participant”).


Right to Disqualify a Participant. At its sole discretion, the TD shall have the right at any time to disqualify any Participant from any individual Tournament (including any future Tournament in the BBT Series then remaining in the calendar year) for failure to adhere to Tournament Regulations. In such event, any registration entry fees paid by the Participant are forfeited.


Protests. Any protest must be presented in writing to TD prior to launch or during weigh-in hours, providing detail regarding the alleged infraction (the “Protest”) reasonably sufficient in the opinion of the TD to evaluate the Protest and be accompanied by a cash fee of $100 (the “Protest Fee”). The Protest shall be deemed valid and duly filed only in the event the TD shall have issued a written receipt (the “Protest Receipt”) for the Protest Fee. The Protest Fee will be returned if the Protest is upheld by the TD.


Protest Determination. Upon issuance of Protest Receipt, the TD shall promptly undertake such investigations of Participants and Teams as the TD determines necessary in its sole discretion and confer with the Tournament Committee as to the result of its investigations, whereupon the TD shall decide to uphold or dismiss the Protest. The Tournament Committee shall consist of one individual selected from officials of each of Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts and of Camp Mack. To the extent practical all Protests shall be decided in the order in which filed. Upon the distribution of any cash winnings for any Tournament, all Protests, if not sooner decided upon, shall automatically be deemed denied.


Protest Disqualification. The making of any allegations or accusations by a Participant or Team against another Participant or Team without a written Protest and payment of the Protest Fee may result in disqualification of the Participant or Team, as determined by the TD at its sole discretion.



Documentation. A properly completed and signed official registration form and entry fee payment must be received by the TD as follows:


Angler Registration. Deadline. A completed registration form and entry fee payment for any one or more individual Tournaments, or for the BBT Series. The deadline for Qualifier Registration and Payment is 5pm on Wednesday of the week prior to the Qualifier Tournament. A $50.00/Team Late Fee will be payable for late registration. The deadline for Shootout Registration is November 8, 2021. No Shootout late registration will be accepted.


Insurance. During all competition days of any Tournament, no Participant may operate a boat unless that Participant has documented proof of a minimum of $100,000 per occurrence boating liability insurance covering the boat being used in the tournament. Proof of insurance must be with the boat being used and must cover the Participants using that boat. Random checks may be conducted and any competitor who does not have proof of in-force insurance on board may be disqualified. The Participant’s boat insurance carrier and policy number is to be identified on the Team’s registration form.


Valid License. A copy of each Team member’s Florida fishing license, valid for the duration of any one or more individual Tournaments, or for the BBT Series.


Entry Costs. Payment of the Team’s registration entry fee for each and any BBT Series Tournament must accompany Tournament Registration. Team Registration and Payment may be mailed to the Property or paid at the Camp Mack Outfitter Store, or paid on line at All Tournament entry costs are NON- REFUNDABLE. Open Division Qualifier Entry Fee. $200/Team/Tournament Collegiate Division Entry Fee: NONE Shootout Entry Fee: $300/Team. Angler House Club Membership: $50/person yearly fee for 2021. Big Fish Entry Fee: $40/Team, optional


Risk of Injury. Participants are aware he/she/they are participating in a physical activity in the sport of fishing that may be dangerous and can cause injury. These activities may involve severe cardiovascular stress and possible violent contact. Participants understand and acknowledge the activities involve certain risks including, but not limited to, death, serious neck and spinal injuries resulting in complete or partial paralysis, brain damage, and/or serious injury to virtually all bones, joints, muscles and internal organs, and property damage. Although particular Tournament Regulations, equipment, and personal discipline may reduce the risks associated with participating in the BBT Series, the risk of serious injury does exist and cannot be completely eliminated. Safe boat conduct must be observed at all times by Participants.


WAIVER & RELEASE AGREEMENT: By registration to participate in any BBT Series Tournament, you, as a Participant, understand and agree that as consideration for being allowed to participate in any BBT Series event, whether prior to commencement, during the actual event and/or during any post-event festivities, you are doing so at your own risk. The BBT Series and its owners, managers, employees, agents and sponsors (collectively “BBT”), shall not be liable for any damages, claims or causes of action arising from personal injuries or property damage sustained in, on or about the premises or waterways used for any BBT Series event, specifically including, but not limited to, all boat launches, bodies of water, parking lots or other public or private areas used for any BBT Series event. As a Participant, you assume full responsibility for any injuries or damages which may occur during any BBT Series event, however caused, regardless of whether such injuries or damages are caused by the negligence of BBT.



General. Safe boat conduct must be observed at all times by Participants and Teams. The TD shall have the automatic right to disqualify any Participant or Team without appeal for failure to abide by the provisions of this Article 4


Immediately Disqualifying Activities. At any time during the Tournament, in the event of any failure of a Participant to comply with the below provisions as determined by the TD at its sole discretion, the TD shall have the right to cause any or all of the following actions: (a) immediately terminate the Tournament, (b) immediately disqualify and expel the Participant from the Tournament, (c) revoke and refuse Participants use of the Property for the duration of the Tournament and (d) deny any future use of the Property by the Participant.


Prohibited Substances. During Tournament event hours no alcoholic beverages or drugs (other than those purchased over-the-counter or prescribed by a licensed physician) are to be consumed by Participants or allowed in Participants’ boat until the final hourly weigh-in is complete and/or polygraph examinations (if applicable for the Tournament) are complete.


Firearms. No firearms will be allowed in any Participant’s boat during tournament hours.


Safety Equipment

Kill Switch. All boats must be equipped with some type of emergency ignition cut-off device (kill switch) on any remote steered outboard while main engine is in use. Ignition cut-off device (kill switch) must operate properly, which means when the kill switch is activated the outboard main engine must stop running immediately. The ignition cut-off device (kill switch) must be attached to the boat operator at all times while the outboard main engine is in use.

USCG Equipment. All boats shall have USCG safety equipment in proper working order, including navigation lights, signaling device and anchor.

Life Vests. U.S. Coast Guard approved life jackets are required for each person on board a boat during competition. Life jackets must be worn and strapped, snapped, or zippered securely, and maintained in that condition until the combustion engine is out of gear or shut off.

Boat and Horsepower. A Team boat must be a minimum of 12 feet with a maximum horsepower of 250 HP or that certified on a U.S. Coast Guard horsepower-rating plate attached to the boat by the manufacturer. Posted speed limits must be observed and all boats must be operated in a safe manner.


Remedy to Disqualification. In the event of a two-day tournament, any Participant cited by the TD for violation of the above Safety Equipment provisions shall have until the start of the next following day of fishing to remedy the violation to the reasonable satisfaction of the TD, providing however if not so remedied, the Participant is disqualified and expelled from the Tournament



General. The favorable public reputation of the sport of fishing, sustainable fishing, the Property, its staff, sponsors, partners and officials is of paramount importance. Accordingly sportsmanship, courtesy, safety and bass conservation are required by every Tournament and from every Participant. In the event of any act by a Participant that compromises the integrity of the sport, or the reputation of the Property or violation of the sections herein below, the TD shall have the right to any or all of the following: (a) immediately terminate the Tournament, (b) immediately disqualify and expel the Participant from the Tournament, (c) revoke and refuse Participants use of the Property for the duration of the Tournament and any subsequent Tournament in which the Participant is registered.


Courtesy. Participants shall act in a professional and courteous manner at all times during a Tournament, especially with regard to Property staff, guests and all non-participants.


Live Wells. At Tournament start, all boats must be equipped with a properly operating live well system. There must never be any more fish in live wells than a five (5) fish Tournament limit in total at one time. Fish must be culled immediately upon catch to maintain the five (5) fish limit.


Electronic Communication. During the official competition days of the Tournament, the use of any two-way communication device for the purpose of locating or catching fish is prohibited, providing however, Participants are permitted to use such devices only in the event of an emergency, for business or personal reasons, or for posting photos and videos from the event on social media sites managed by the Tournament. If so equipped, Participants may listen to the marine-band weather information.


Brush Piles. Unless allowed under the rules of any individual tournament, Participants are expressly prohibited from fishing on any man-made structures (“Brush Piles”) placed by the Participant or other anywhere in tournament waters.


Fish Limits/Penalty: All Participants must use care in handling and keeping fish alive for release after weigh in. There will be no minimum size unless otherwise announced prior to launch. The number of fish in a live well at any time shall never exceed the five (5) fish Tournament limit.

Culling. Immediately upon any catch, a fish must be released or the live well must be culled to comply with the 5 fish legal limit. Culling at weigh-in and culling of dead fish is prohibited.

Penalties. Short fish are not to be kept and are not qualified for weigh-in. If a short fish is brought to the weigh-in scale, the biggest and smallest fish will both be deducted from Participant’s total weight result for the Tournament. For each dead fish brought to the weigh-in scale, a penalty of one (1) point will be deducted for each one-half (½ lb.) of fish weight. Exemptions may be provided at the discretion of the TD.



Check-in: The check-in time on the last day of fishing for all Teams shall be 3:00 pm for Qualifying Tournaments and 1:00 PM for the Shootout. The TD may change the Check-In time and weigh-in procedures for a Tournament at its discretion, which changes, if any, shall be announced at the Tournament’s Captains Meeting. It is the responsibility of each Team to check-in in the manner established by the TD at the Captains Meeting. Failure to Check-in shall result in Tournament disqualification.


Limit. Teams are allowed to weigh no more than five (5) fish, each measuring a minimum of thirteen inches (13”) laid flat on a flat surface. Any Team bringing more than five (5) fish to the scale will be disqualified.


On-Site Weigh-In. Tournament weigh-in is to occur exclusively at the fish weigh-in stage, provided free of charge and equipped with water troughs and air hoses to keep fish healthy during weigh-in. The Weigh-In schedule for individual Teams shall be established at the direction of the TD and communicated to Teams at time of their Check-In. Once a Participant arrives at the scale, he or she may not return to the Team boat to retrieve any missing fish.


Re-Weigh. A Team may request a single re-weigh, and the weight taken from such re-weigh, whether greater or lesser, shall be official.


Scoring. Standings. A Participant’s Tournament score is determined by the total weight of no more than five (5) fish, less any penalties for short or dead fish. Points are awarded to each Participant on a declining scale starting at 200 points for first, 199 for second, 148 for third, etc.


Release Boat. All fish to be released by any Participant after weigh-in shall be delivered to the Camp Mack Release Boat (the “Release Boat”) for transport by Tournament staff to deep water. General. At no time during a Tournament are Participants permitted to release fish into the “oxbow” canal which borders the Property.